October 13, 2016

How hard could it possibly be?...

Just buy some cute baby girl clothes, dress up the baby doll, plop her on a blanket, and click.  Right?

"Costume Change"

WRONG!  Grand#1 was awake.  Grand#1 was squirmy.  Grand#1 gave me a whole new appreciation and admiration for those who do baby photography professionally.  I bow at your feet. 

"The little fighter"

"With a little help from Mom"
Thing#2 and Grand#1

"Ruffle Butt"

But with a little help from Grand#1's mommy, we gave it a shot.  Okay, quite a few shots!

But after all the squirming.  All the quick shots.  All the "it's too dark in here".  All the "it's too bright in here".  All the "I need a glass of wine" moments...I think we got a couple of good ones for a NON-baby photographer.

"Although she be but little, she is fierce"

The answer to the question "How hard could it possibly be?"...let's just say I promptly gave Grand#1's mom a check and told her to go find someone who knows what they are doing to make sure she gets some really good baby portraits.  Time goes too fast you know.  So does the patience of a newborn!

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